Best noise cancelling earbuds if you’re too active for Headphones

There is a popular misconception that all in-ear headphones are noise cancelling simply because they fit into the ear canals. Actual noise cancelling earbuds have mechanisms in its design to create sounds waves that cancel out any incoming noises. The other earbuds are more sounds isolation that uses flanges to block out the sound. The actual noise cancelling earbuds are super effective and more complex than just simply popping the earbuds in your ears.

Due to the complexity of the technology involved, most manufacturers will not the make earbuds that cancel out the noise. Basically, the process and technology require drivers that are too large for earbuds and are better suited to earcups. Also, more weight will be added to the noise cancelling earbuds due to the in-line mechanism to reduce the noise. Adding any weight will defeat the purpose of creating a go anywhere, lightweight earbud. There are just a few companies that manufacture noise-canceling earbuds and here are 4 of the best on the market right now.

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC23 noise cancelling earbuds



This brand is known for their expensive devices, but with the ANC23’s, Audio-Technica managed to deliver an affordable pair of the noise-canceling earbuds. The ANC23 delivers great noise-canceling with is effective over constant sounds and sporadic bursts. The devices deliver a rich and full soundstage that easily canceling engine, droning or chatty background noises. The only downside of the ANC23 is the use of AAA batteries that are needed to work the earbuds. There are no recharging facilities.
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Bose QuietControl 30 noise cancelling earbuds



Collar headphones, sometimes referred to as neckband headphones, have always been a little divisive. Personally, I’ve never been massively fond of them, having tried a few over the years – including the Samsung Level U Pro – not just for the way they look but also for their practicality. In the case of the QuietControl 30, the form factor is at least understandable considering the ANC and wireless elements.

The level of ANC when dialled all the way up also doesn’t quite rival that of the QuietComfort 35, nor the fantastic Sony MDR-1000X for that matter. It’s not far off, but a little more irregular ambient noise does tend to still slip through. By the very nature of ANC headphones, they’re never going to be able to block everything entirely anyway.
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Phiaton BT 220 NC noise cancelling earbuds

phiaton-bt-220This pair of earbuds are Bluetooth compatible and comes with New Field Communication (NFC). The NFC allows you to sync the device with a touch of your finger. You will get great sound across the spectrum thanks to the 14.3mm drivers. The 220’s are stylish and modern noise-canceling earbuds with clean lines and no bulky issues you come across with other brands. The noise-canceling is amazing and rates close to the top. The overall experience and design of the 220 enhance your listening experience.
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AKG K391NC noise cancelling earbuds


AKG delivers an excellent pair of earbuds that shut down the noise by delivering an amazing sound experience. The earbuds are less bulky than other brands the same size and capabilities. These noise-canceling earbuds have also incorporated a mic and inline remote which is rare that makes the operation of the devices that more easy and enjoyable.

The noise canceling earbuds on the market today are well-designed, created and delivers great sound with the noise-canceling abilities. The sound quality of these devices will be sure to keep any audiophile satisfied no matter the environment he or she is in. The size of an earbud makes transporting and traveling with these devices safe and easy.
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