Wireless Headphones – They ARE as awesome as you think!

Wireless Headphones –
A Overview

Don’t you just hate it when you’re watching a movie or playing a video game on your computer? You stand up forgetting you have your comfy headset on. Then, when you walk away from your headphones they just rip off your head and crash to the floor making your whole body cringe as you hear the sound of audio abuse. Don’t worry there is a solution already designed. It is called Wireless Headphones. Wireless Headphones let you experience the true feeling of freedom.

Hecate Bluetooth Wireless Foldable Hi-fi Stereo Headphone with Microphone


These wireless headphones let you experience supreme mobility and high-quality sound at the same time. You become hassle-free with these wireless headphones from Hecate. It has an intelligent design making them able to fold for easy storage. The headphone’s bluetooth technology is remarkable and the device also comes with a rechargeable battery for more quality audio experiences. This battery lasts up to 6 hours if used constantly. On standby, it can last 30 hours and the battery can charge in 1.5 hours. Also, it has noise reduction technology to provide the cleanest high-quality sounds. Making the Hecate Headphone with microphone just top notch.

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones


Of course, the new Beats are on our list, Beats Solo 3 is part of a new generation with a battery life up to forty hours of nonstop play. The perfect everyday pair of headphones comes in fifteen different colors. Adjustable fitted comfort cushioned ear cups made for extended wearing use.
Control your music with a premium pair of headphones, take calls with your new Beats, and even activate Siri. All of this is possible with the multifunctional on ear button controls. Beats 3 comes with a carrying case, RemoteTalk Cable, and a universal USB Charging cable.

Ghostek Rapture Series Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


Try slipping on a pair of Ghostek Rapture  Headphones and experience a burst of musical euphoria. Powerful sounds and pristine clarity are two ways of explaining this next level of high definition audio. Built-in hands-free microphone and a cool LED battery indicator on the side to remind you when to charge your headset. This pair of wireless headphones brings you to a world of pure auditory bliss.

Sony On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones


Sony has come out with a super stylish pair of wireless headphones. Listen smarter with these headphones that cancel out all noise and adapts itself to any noise increase. Connect and stream with bluetooth, while enjoying the awesome built-in microphone for hands-free calling.
Comes with a Microfiber Cleaning cloth, Hardbody Headphone Case, and a portable power bank. Sony even sends you a warranty card that lasts up to one year after purchase.

Wireless Headphones are the Way!

When it comes to quality audio, you can put your faith in a pair of Wireless Headphones from any one of these providers. Many offer a microphone option and have carrying cases so you can easily carry them around. Upgrade your listening experience today and you won’t regret it.

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